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ZeroSmoke Therapy Magnets User Manual

ZeroSmoke Therapy Magnets

User's Guide and Troubleshooting Manual


Q: What is the ZeroSmoke Therapy Magnets?

A: These magnets are placed on the ear that releases endorphins that smoking creates. It encourages smokers to quit smoking and to live a healthier lifestyle.


Q: How does one uses ZeroSmoke Therapy Magnets?

A: Place one magnet on your upper ear then the other one behind your ear so that the two magnets will attract each other and stick.


Q: How does it work?

A: There are 2 biomagnets (one small, one big) placed on one precise point on the outer ear. It is 24k gold plated that serves as a conductor and also protects the wearer against any allergic reactions. The magnets themselves stirs up acupressure points that releases endorphins that one gets from smoking, thus eliminating the need to smoke.


Q: How long do I need to keep wearing these magnets?

A: Wear the magnets 14 hours a day so that it will work overtime and you’ll feel your craving for cigarette lessening.


Q: Do I need to wear a pair of magnets on each ear?

A: No. All you need is one for one ear for it to work. You need to alternate on both ears for it to work.