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Colorshift Egg Timer User Guide

ColorShift Egg Timer



User Guide


Do you find making hard-boiled eggs tricky? Nobody seems to get the exact time right but if you have the ColorShift Egg Timer, you won't have to keep guessing if your eggs are done or not. When you have other things to keep in mind, eliminate the menial task of having to guard your eggs cooking on the stove. The ColorShift Egg Timer is one of the best kitchen partners you'll have. Get the perfect eggs every time with this awesome egg timer. Learn more about the product.


How To Use:

  1. Prepare the ColorShift Egg Timer.

  2. Boil water in a pot and place eggs together with the ColorShift Egg Timer in.

  3. The ColorShift Egg Timer will react to the heat and will perfectly measure the consistency of the eggs.

  4. To achieve the preferred quality or consistency of how you want your eggs done, check image below for your reference:

Screenshot (5).png


After-Use Care:

  1. Don’t immerse the egg timer in a cold water.

  2. Wipe dry with clean cloth before storage.

  3. Keep in a cool, dry place.