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5 Second Fix User Guide

5 Second Fix User Guide


What is 5 Second Fix?

5 Second Fix is an all around DIY fixing solution that can be used for virtually any material. It can fix anything from jewelry to furniture, and the bond it forms once it’s used can pull a 2-ton or 4,000 lbs truck! It only takes 5 seconds to fix ANYTHING with the 5 Second Fix!


How is it different from super glues?

5 Second Fix is NOT a super glue. It’s actually made of a super powered liquid plastic welding compound which is combined with the Military Grade UV Light Technology making its fix and bond everlasting and permanent.


How to use the 5 Second Fix:

  1. Gather the broken parts of the item you’re going to fix.

  2. Wear safety glasses and rubber gloves.

  3. Get your 5 Second Fix and remove the cap of the tip opposite the UV light. Apply the liquid plastic on the parts of the item you’re fixing.

  4. Turn on the UV light. Use this to evenly light and dry the applied liquid plastic. Spend 5 to 10 seconds per area.


What are the precautionary measures when using this product?

  1. Make sure the liquid plastic doesn't get to your eyes. If this happens, wash your face and eyes with soap and water.

  2. For exposure such as inhalation and ingestion, immediately call a physician.

  3. Don’t look at the UV light directly as this can result to eye damage. As much as possible, use the UV light for less than 10 seconds. Never use it for a longer period of time.

  4. Don’t clean up its tip with liquid cleansers or expose it to any other liquid.

  5. Avoid eating, drinking or smoking while using this product.


How come my product isn’t working?

5 Second Fix comes with two CR2016 Batteries. If the product suddenly stops working, try changing its batteries with a newer set.

5 Second Fix’ liquid plastic material shouldn’t be mixed with any other liquid. If it no longer fixes different products effectively, it might have been contaminated with water or moisture, as well as other kinds of liquids.

Store your 5 Second Fix in a secure and dry place.